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Several years ago, before I began racing professionally, my bike leg of the race really held me back – from even thinking about taking the leap to the pro field. It truly was once my weakest leg of the race. But a number of things have taken place over the years that have helped me improve on the bike. And lo-and-behold, now it’s my strength. And it’s not something I can take credit for all by myself! Sure, I have worked really hard for this improvement – but I know it wouldn’t have been possible to have claimed the fastest bike split in 3 out of 4 of my previous races without the right help, the experts’ guidance, and the small changes that matter. I have a lot of people to thank for helping me maximize my performance on the bike!

One of the best things I did along the way was getting fit – FIT FIRST. So that I know exactly which bike brand is going to be best for me. And then FIT again – with expert eyes on. And again and again – because I travel with it so much that over time, the fit changes if I don’t get it checked out. But to get comfortable on my bike, get dialed in to a position that allows me maximum comfort and speed, to have confidence that I’m riding exactly where I need to be on race day – and training in a position that won’t lead to injury – that’s been one of the biggest keys to success. Thanks to TriShop for all the help – and for the amazing trip to the wind tunnel – they are setting the bar high!

Check out the video for a glimpse into how we, together, have maximized my performance through bike fit.

And thank you to Quarq, Zipp, and Cobb Cycling saddles for providing me with the equipment I need to race at my best. Comfort equals speed!





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