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I’ve never been one to play it safe. The anticipation of and rewards stemming from taking risks far outweigh the alternative option of sitting on the sidelines. Over the past 8 weeks post-bike wreck/puncture wound (the day prior to Panama 70.3), I’ve been reminded that nothing is guaranteed  — we aren’t guaranteed another race, another trip with friends, or even another sunset.  So what we are left with is learning to appreciate and maximize living in the here and nowWhen we focus on what’s wrong in our own little world, we take for granted life, sunshine, and all the other gifts we’ve been given. One of those gifts God’s given me is a healthy body — no I am not even close to 100% coming back from this injury — in fact, I’ve only got a whole two runs under my belt in the past 8 weeks — but I’m on the mend and ready to risk.


Focusing on what we don’t have, situations that aren’t going our way, or what we can’t do causes us to live in a pretty dark place. It’d be too easy to sit around and wait until I’m healed and back at the performance level I was prior to Panama 70.3, but too much life passes us by when we look for all that is wrong, refusing to enjoy life until it’s all “fixed.”  But when we reframe our mindset, change our perspective, and don’t take for granted all that we can do, despite things not going our way, we can live forward. Enjoy life. Get off the sidelines. (Apologize if this sounds a little bit like your therapist talking, but I’m around counselors all day at my job at Innovation360 – can’t help it!) 


And for all these reasons, and after prayerful consideration and lots of encouragement from my training crew and husband, Sunday night I decided to commit to racing Ironman New Orleans 70.3 this Sunday!


No better way to ease back into running than to get after a half marathon, right? Well and actually, 2009 I signed up for my first ever half ironman, Longhorn 70.3, and 6 weeks before the race I wrecked (going like 8 miles per hour on the bike, mind you) and broke my wrist in two places! But still raced. With a cast, like a full on (black and gold for my Mizzou Tigers) cast. Bubble wrapped so I didn’t whack anyone too hard on the swim – ha! Obviously, it was so much fun, but I’d have missed out on an awesome experience if I’d let that wreck totally derail me. I immediately signed up for another – Buffalo Springs 70.3. And threw it down for a win in my AG and Kona spot.

I found this gem of Sarah Haskins and I when I was just getting into the sport, cheering on the Lifetime racers with my big ol' chunky cast prior to racing Longhorn 70.3!

I found this gem of Sarah Haskins and I when I was just getting into the sport, cheering on the Lifetime racers with my big ol’ chunky cast prior to racing Longhorn 70.3!


And there's my cast. Black and gold for Mizzou. I wish I had a picture of me racing on the bike with it on, or better yet, in the swim during Longhorn 70.3!

And there’s my cast. Black and gold for Mizzou. I wish I had a picture of me racing on the bike with it on, or better yet, in the swim during Longhorn 70.3!

So I’ve learned to trust God with the details. Nothing’s random and He can fit everything into a pattern for good. I’m keeping the trend and racing my first Pro Ironman 70.3 with an on-the-mend injury — seems only fitting. So, checking my ego at the door this time,  enjoying racing – it’s what I love, and trying my best to go in with very little expectations other than the one where my Dallas training crew all throws down the hammer and smashes it Sunday! It’ll be a great way to test myself and see what I need to work on (likely the swim, probably the bike, and definitely the run!) to get back to 100% healthy. It’ll be a good day; I’m really excited to explore “the big easy” with some of my best buds.


Continued thankfulness for all of your support through this time of healing! Ready to rock it, or at least embrace whatever the day gives me, Sunday! Thanks to i360 for the support, Champ-Sys for the apparel I finally get to break in, & MHM for all the support. Huge thanks to PCSM for helping me heal! And Sunstone yoga – yoga has helped me build strength back in the tendons that were damaged. Also – Zico, TriShop, Nuun, Rudy Project, American Cryotherapy – Ya’ll rock. Thanks for all the amazing support and encouragement.



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  1. You words land, girl. Sending a hearty breeze at your back for Sunday. You are amazing.

  2. ANA MEDINA says:


  3. Lynn in MD says:

    Wow – I bet you’re so glad you took that risk!! Congratulations on the WIN at your IM 70.3 pro debut! 2nd fastest 1/2 marathon of the day too!! Imagine what you can do when you’re 100% 🙂

  4. Ashley says:

    We watched in NOLA last weekend and I was so excited to see you come out of transition! I have been following your story since April 2nd-when I was signed up for my first half ironman (galveston April 6) but got in a terrible car accident that still has me currently benched. I have always looked and kept to God to set my path but it’s nice to know that even though their are ppl like me who leave their future in His hands, they still struggle with the human emotion of feeling stripped of a goal at your peak fitness level.

    Your blog has inspired me and kept me grounded so much-not to mention it makes me so hungry to start training again! And also gives me a good come back when ppl ask ‘So how are you not being able to train and stuff?’ I now respond ‘Totally fine. The pro female who won NOLA last weekend didn’t train 100% for 8 weeks!’ 🙂

    Good luck as you continue to recover and congrats on the win in NOLA, no one else I would have cheered louder for!

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