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on April 15, 2015
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Felt sets the standard for fast. And I’m honored to be amongst a talented, world-class group of athletes that have Felt’s support…We are riding the best bike on the planet and I’m a firm believer in that. I’ve been on many different bike brands throughout my career and after riding Felt in 2015 with no strings attached, I fell in love with the brand, the bike, and the company. It was such a natural transition for me, to develop a relationship with the crew at Felt and sign with the team – I’m so happy to be a Felt athlete moving forward. The bike leg used to be the thing I needed to work most on, the thing that at one point prevented me from turning professional way back when…and now, after clocking many “best bike splits” on the professional racing circuit, it’s my strength. I owe it to Felt, TriShop, Quarq, Sram, Zipp and Cobb –  the bike we’ve built up is a beast.




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