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I took on “9-5 Pro” for a few days when we headed down south of Temple, Texas for a long training weekend – no distractions, no errands, no work (though I love my job!). Just our crew, tons of food, lots of laughter, and plenty of back country roads that’d allow us to ride straight into the sunsets. And yes, I call that a vacation.


And as the lone gal among 9 guys, you can imagine I was quite entertained. And very impressed at how well everyone managed to accommodate other’s needs and conform to other’s sleeping schedules and eating habits! We stayed up until the last person was ready to go to bed and arose when the first person awoke (which was EARLY!) – between training sessions the kitchen was swarming with people but we all chipped in to cook and clean. The group was very focused on training, yet so laid-back and relaxed. I am so impressed by how strong these guys are. Mainly they are training for Ironman Texas, and they are ready. I got a kick out of walking into the bedroom designated to Brandon and I (we scored the king bed since we were the only ‘couple’!) only to find that someone was going to be sleeping in our closet! We just all flowed with it and made the most out of what we were given. Which at one point over the weekend meant riding through a HAIL storm! I mean, head down and WORK. But hey, we are all tougher for it…Well that, and it was the longest ride I’ve ever done by far – 120 miles on the saddle! We had fun making up competitions for the team “yellow jersey” throughout the weekend too – one of which I proudly won – I was quite excited, I just about slept in it. And no it wasn’t an eating contest.


As far as the injury goes, first I had to wait for stitches to come out, then it was a matter of not being able to flex my foot and kick but I finally was able to jump back in the pool last week! I feel like I’m learning to swim again…And I have been able to transition from my road to my TT bike, and I am going to start adding in power this week – everything else has been just steady or easier efforts over the past 6 weeks.  Alot of the concern has been related to the probability of a secondary injury – overcompensating on the right side could lead to more damage if I ever tried to really push it. The big issue (especially because I generally love winter/spring running weather the best!) is that I’ve not been able to run for 7 weeks. It’s been pretty heartbreaking to realize that I wouldn’t be able to put to the test all the hard work I’d put in – I’ve got a very long way to go to get back to where I was, (in all 3 disciplines I was the fittest and strongest I’d ever been, but especially my run was developing into a top pro level run!) and I’ve had to pull out of a few big races I’d prep’d and planned for (Panama 70.3, Lifetime Southbeach, and NOLA 70.3) but I’m happy that I’m finally able to get back into it – On Sunday I was able to do a light trail run and it was a beautiful way to ease back in to running!


I put together some highlights from the trip here:


And this is a recipe I MUST share, because one of the guys, Jeff, brought these energy bars (which were actually not bars, they were balls and the boys called them FART BALLS) and they were SO dang good:

no bake energy bars

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  1. Tina Parker says:

    I was surprized when I was talking to a coworker and he said, his fiance’s sister is a pro triathlete. I asked who? He told me it was you. I was like cool, can I get an autograph and pic for my office. He was shocked you know her? Of course I do, I am signed up for Ironman Arizona this year. The women in our sport are amazing! Just thought I’d share. Have a great day. Sorry about the injury.

    • laurenbarnett says:

      Eathan told me that! I love how our sport creates such a small world! IMAZ is a wonderful time – quite spectator friendly, go get ’em!

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