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Its true. To perform at the level I do, it takes a small village compiled of the right people, product, companies, and services that support my continuous pursuit of excellence – from training and racing to balancing a full time job and healthy marriage – and everything in between. My kit has arrived and it’s a perfect time to announce the companies I’ve chosen, and that have chosen me, to partner with moving forward.

Make new friends but keep the old

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the support of Mile High Multisport from the very beginning, from when I first qualified for Kona as an age grouper after my second 70.3 race, back when Buffalo Springs 70.3 had qualifying spots. It was my first time racing a 70.3 without a broken arm actually!  MHM took me under their wings from the beginning and I’m proud to be continuing forward with the coaching company out of Denver, Colorado with Matt Smith as my coach.  I worked for Rudy Project for several years when I lived there, and they’ve always treated me as a VIP. The products are exceptional and the team there is still a family to me! Innovation360 of course is my #1 supporter – encouraging me to pursue my dreams and passions everyday – while allowing me an amazing work environment between training sessions. It’s fulfilling work, it’s meaningful work, and it’s an incredible group of people who are changing lives for the better. I am so grateful for i360.


TriShop is another company that I’ve loved partnering with because they are operating at a level above and beyond any other shop I’ve come across. Investing in the athletes and coaches, taking opportunities like heading to the wind tunnel at Texas A&M to gain experience that can help each and every customer, and creating a friendly atmosphere with an expert team. We’ve been working together for several years now and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship.


I’m thrilled to have established great relationships with several new companies for 2015, as well! New as in an established formal sponsorship – not new as in I’m just starting to use their products. Quite the contrary! I only with companies that I’ve fallen in love with – mostly because I’ve seen the benefits of using the products while training and racing for season after season. I’m especially excited to be partnering with Cobb Cycling, Zipp, Quarq, and BlueSeventy this year. Joining forces with companies like these create opportunities for growth for me as an athlete – companies that pursue excellence in all they do, that support their athletes, that are passionate about the sport and invest in growing the sport. Equipment matters and that’s why I’m excited to have the support of companies like Zipp Speed Weaponry, like Quarq so I know exactly when to push, when to chill out and when to dig deeper, like BlueSeventy since we all know I’m in pursuit of swimming faster, and Cobb Cycling as I appreciate the opportunity they are creating for women to feel comfortable talking about saddle discomfort – comfort equals speed and it’s important that women discover that it’s possible to be free from pain while riding.



Hincapie Sportswear is another company I’m thrilled to be working with. They’ve designed my beautiful, sassy kit. I’ll be debuting it at Galveston 70.3 in a few weeks.




And of course, Performance Chiro and Sports Medicine along with American Cryotherapy have kept me in the best shape possible for years. Helping me with recovery or maintaining good health – whatever my needs are they are there to get me on the best track. SunstoneFit – I can’t go long without my yoga! So helpful in strength building and recovery as well. And Nuun has been my go to for years for electrolytes and hydration. We are moving forward together in 2015 and have some big things in store. Beet Performer and Barnana are newer in my portfolio of brands that I work with, but important nonetheless. Alicia Galvin Smith is the dietician I’m collaborating with as well, and she has been a life saver – helped me through some digestive issues I’ve struggled with for years! It takes a small village, and these sponsors and partners are invaluable. I work only with the best, and I’m thankful I get to be picky and choosy in that way. Life’s too short to do it any other way! I admire what these companies are doing and support them as much as they support me. (Also if you want discount codes for some of these products email me! I may have something up my sleeve!)


It take that small village … and the support and encouragement daily of my husband Brandon. I’m so fortunate that he gets it, he loves it just as much as I do, and we’re able to travel the world together as we pursue our best in this sport. He has helped me grow so much in the sport. And in life. I’d be crazy to leave that part out.


Visit my race schedule and podium plans here. See ya’ll around in 2015!



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