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Originally a St. Louis girl, Lauren’s childhood consisted of playing hard in her backyard and frequently questioning how other girls kept their knees anything but dirty, scratched, and bruised. Over the years, three other girls came into her life not only in the form of sisters, but as best friends, the youngest of which could not pronounce her name when she was a baby. Instead of Lauren, she would call her “Lou.” And it stuck. That endearing nickname followed Lauren through high school, to college at Mizzou (Go Tigers!), then on the Colorado Rockies, Dallas, and now to Kansas City. She will rarely answer to anything else.

While her childhood was filled with constant activity, and each sister played sports in high school, Lauren was the lone ranger still pursuing sport after college. She competed in her first triathlon after college on a borrowed mountain bike wearing a baggy cotton t-shirt and long, red shorts. But that race changed the course of her life.

First PRO WIN at Trifecta Olympic!

In 2010, she fully committed to triathlon training. And it paid off. That year she raced in the coveted World Championship Ironman in Kona.

In 2011 as an Age Grouper, Lauren finished every race on the podium.  The following year, 2012, she had an undefeated season as an Elite Amateur and naturally made the transition to PROFESSIONAL in 2013.

Lauren says she is always amazed at the body’s ability to break through previously established limits, with the right mindset. She started off her Pro career with a top 5 finish at the highly competitive Lifetime Chicago race, and shortly thereafter, secured her first Professional Win. From there it was a 70.3 debut WIN, a full season of top 3 at Ironman 70.3 events, and another 70.3 WIN to wrap up the 2014 season. In 2015, she performed consistently with podium finishes at each race, aside from one which she completed with a broken rib, and a Top Ten finish at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship event.

Even with the successes she has had, she continues to look forward to the adventure ahead and relentlessly pursues becoming her best. She is a highly respected athlete who is known not only for stellar and consistent performances but also for the high level of sportsmanship and enthusiasm with which she trains and races. She lives a healthy, adventurous, fun-filled life, and to fuel that lifestyle, Lauren partners with the very best companies and without her sponsors, pursuing triathlon to the level she seeks wouldn’t be possible. Lauren appreciates your visit to her website and thanks you for joining with her in the journey.

red shorts first race

Lauren’s Famous Red Shorts & Huge T-shirt – Her first ever race in 2007!



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